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Bodhi Wellness & Personal Training is dedicated to helping women manage menopause through exercise and diet.



Do you hate the baggage that comes with the gym?

get fit

We've got just what you need

Do you want a trainer that is sympathetic to your needs and what your body is going through?

be understood

realistic training to fit your needs



Do you wish you could train with someone that “gets you” and doesn’t care about what you wear?

BE comfortable

no judgement, be yourself

tired of trying to keep up with the latest fads?

exercise and diet

targeted health and wellness for you

As a personal trainer, my first priority for my clients is to provide an environment of safety and comfort.  From that point, we work together, through exercise,  to improve your quality of life by diminishing the symptoms of menopause and at the same time, boosting your self-esteem.



Bodhi Wellness & Personal Training


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